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LeBron James Gets Special Political Influence Rights in Four States

LeBron James LAIn an “historic move,” would-be “National Director of Voting” LeBron James has landed another professional sports venue as a voting site for November’s Election Day. It’s Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which will become the first Major League Baseball ballpark ever to do this. 

“Thursday’s announcement is the culmination of a partnership between the Dodgers, the city, and More Than a Vote, the organization LeBron helped to create in June to combat voter suppression,” writes The New York Post’s “Field Level Media.”

Congratulations, LeBron. You and Dodger Stadium just guaranteed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden will win all 54 California electoral votes … when he was already guaranteed to claim all 54 electoral votes!

The bigger story, though, is James’ partisan Democrat politics and his foray into influencing elections in a way that private citizens are not typically allowed to undertake. And who will oversee these voting sites to assure election integrity?

Elections are controlled in most states by the secretary of state’s office and by counties on the local level. However, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla does not appear to have a problem with super celebrity James muscling in on the election process. Secretaries of state have to win an election to gain the right to direct elections and establish polling places. How many private American citizens are legally allowed to work on their own to establish polling places? Just one, it appears.

California has zero recent history of suppressing Democrat voters, something James claims to be fighting against. Democrats have a voter registration advantage of nearly 2-to-1 over Republicans in California. The state’s congressional delegation and state elective offices are heavily dominated by Democrats. LeBron, you’re just not helping your preferred political party that much.

James is also doing the same thing in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, three states that are all in play for November’s presidential election. Which raises the question of ethics around James’ influence there. Three NBA teams are partnering with James to make their arenas available as voting sites. They are the Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks and Detroit Pistons.

Just imagine the media’s horror if Tim Tebow was setting up voting polls in churches across the country, after he had supported President George W. Bush and wished President Trump and VP Pence well in a Tweet. There would be an uproar.

“I may still be new to LA but didn’t take long for me to learn how special the relationship is between the Dodgers and Lakers. We are all in this together,” James said. “I’m really proud we were able to help the Dodgers become the first MLB stadium to open for voting. … A lot of us now working together and here for every team who wants to follow the Dodgers lead and turn their stadium into a safer place for voting.”

James isn’t mentioning his “special relationship” with the California Secretary of State’s office, and that raises significant questions.

It’s no secret where James’ political alliances, if not ulterior motives, reside. He has frequently criticized President Donald Trump and supported the candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the past. LeBron tweet to Harris

James is now openly backing the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket, and just sent her a supportive message:

“Congrats and well deserved Sen. Kamala Harris!! Love to see and support it! Appreciate you JB”

Are you paying attention to James’ partisan activities, Federal Elections Commission?

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