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Resources for determining how the coronavirus stimulus bill can help you

Wondering what’s in the coronavirus stimulus bill the Senate just passed, and how it might immediately be of assistance to you and your loved ones? Here’s a few answers, or at least places to find some of those answers, on the one-time payment (it could be repeated in the next stimulus package) and unemployment benefits.

First, the (for now) one-time payment of $1,200 to each individual who makes up to $75,000 annually, and the $500 for dependent children, The Washington Post has created this calculator. The funds should be available by direct deposit to those who have it set up through the IRS or Social Security, in the case of retirees, in the first half of April. Americans earning from $75,000 to $99,000 could also receive reduced checks, and married couples have the same eligibility as singles. There are people who are excluded, namely “nonresident aliens,” foreigners here who don’t have a green card.

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